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Let me introduce to you my new book, describing life of young people in Czech Republic in the times of second World war. This book, the only book I’ve written, comes from authentic memories of my beloved mother.

The book Gateway to Heaven : Real life story of Milada Gramerova and Julius Löwenrosen, published in year 2020, ISBN 978-80-87621-11-0, first release, 296 pages. Live Jewish drama. Author Eva Neauschlova, Czech republic, Brno. First time release of many extraordinary letters of young jewish boy and photographs of jewish youth from the times of holocaust.

Teenage girl Milada Grammerova along with her partner Julius Löwenrosen are relocated to Terezin along with other young jews to go through their fate from 1938 through the war to spring 1945. She is able to visit them due to the fact that this jewish group is transfered from the concetrantion camp Terezin to work in mine Kukla in Oslavany. Here the conditions are more at ease and therefore they can secretly meet and fight against the nazi regime. In this documented story you’ll see fate of young jews, their way of thinking, fight, sabotage as well as their hopes, desires and fears…

It is also a story of deep friendships and love in historically hard times. This community of moravian jewish youths (Julius Löwenrosen, paratrooper lieutenant Robert Reich, Gerhard Mühlstein, Paul Beer, Leo Lederer, Morgenstern, Fried, Klepetar, Max Weinstein, Paul Wilheim, Bock, Fritzek, Hela Langerova and others) were later relocated from concentration camp Osvetim Birkenau to Sachsenhausen which saved some of them their lives.

The story of young girl Milada begins in late 1930’s, realistically describing life in and around the Southern moravian city of Brno at the time. Throughout the whole story you’ll be able to see the strong feelings between her and Julius. She is exposed to rasism and discrimination in it’s many forms, but against the odds she stays alongside her beloved Julius even when he’s being imprisoned in Terezin. After some time, Julius is being transfered to work in Kukla mine in Oslavany which makes easier for the couple to meet and fight together against the regime. This exciting drama is full of romance, difficult situations, courage and provocations against the german occupation.

This real life story is yet another piece of evidence of life of jews in Moravian region in Czech Republic, containing a lot of signed photographs in between years 1942 and 1943 along wiht large amount of letters with drawings and plans of the Kukla mine, post cards from concentration camps Osvetim, Birkenau, Sachsenhausen and other evidence stored for decades in home archive.

As Milada promised to Julius and their friends in the times of war, you’ll find their fates against ocupation, sabotages, hopes, desires and fears in this book. You’ll be able to see specific enviroment of the Brno city where people from very different backgrounds (Czech, German and Jewish) living through web of events and situations uniting them in common fate.

From readers : The author Eva Neauschlova has briliantly captured the plot in different story lines which creates excellent picture of the events of the time. She has captured and wrote the raw authentic memories of her mother Milada, war veretan and guerrilla fighter.

Part of the story is happening in Valassko region, near Velke and Male Karlovice alongside guerilla helpers Oldrich Kyslinger, Vlasta and Milada Gramer and Bohumil Jakes.

This book has been released thanks to great support of Southmoravian region hetman and Mayor of Brno with financial help of The Victims of Holocaust foundation, Brno centre.

I would like to offer the book „Gateway to Heaven“ to the country of Izrael and general public.

The book is originally writen in Czech language, but it’s possible to translate it to other languages as well.

The author

Eva Neuschlova

Czech Republic, Brno

Přeloženo: Kamil Franz